Friday, August 3, 2012

Tool #9

It's important to tie the technology to the objective, because that will help students' relationship to technology outside your classroom.  They need to understand WHY that particular technology is being used for that objective so that they can make that same connection independently one day.

We should hold students accountable for the stations/centers because otherwise, we have a teacher-centered classroom.  Giving students the responsibility for their own work ensures that classrooms are student-centered, and that critical thinking is going on.

Studyladder and Thinkfinity would be the best sites for my content and grade level.  I could use them as stations by putting desks in groups and having various games or activities being set up at each station.  For example, there is a Venn Diagram interactive activity at ThinkFinity.  Students in a group of 3 could be each be responsible for an individual segment of a Venn Diagram, then collaborate on the 4th. I could hold students accountable for their time in these stations by having them print out a screen shot of what they've accomplished, by creating a rubric ahead of time so students know what's expected of them, and by actively monitoring with a participation log.

The camera feature on the iPad is a great way for me to see what my students have learned.  As a closing station, students could share what they've learned in video form, or pose questions to be answered by other students.

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