Friday, August 3, 2012

Tool #8

First of all, I didn't know the kind of technology that would await me in Spring Branch!  I'm so excited to have access to all of these this year. Because I'm pretty familiar with the iPad, I chose to focus on the video of how to create videos and vodcasts on the notebooks.  (I actually had no idea what a vodcast was before this tool!)  I also learned how to save videos and pictures.  This will be very helpful when I create assignments that require student responses to texts, student interviews, and other projects.

I also learned how to connect my Spring Branch account to iTunes.  At first, I wasn't sure about the connection between iTunes and English class, but then I learned that I could download podcasts and audiobooks to the account for students to listen to in groups.  And using the notebooks, students can create and upload their own podcasts.  How cool is that? I'm really excited about all the stuff I've been learning.

I will have to have classroom management on-point to be able to have all this expensive technology floating around at any given time.  Starting the first week (maybe even the first day) of school, I will need students to understand the proper ways of handling the technology, and my classroom routines for using and returning the devices.  They will also need to understand that consequences for abusing it extend beyond my classroom-- breaking a computer is more than just a detention!  I will consult veteran teachers at my school for tips on managing technology in a classroom setting.

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