Friday, August 3, 2012

Tool #7

I love the idea of working with other classrooms on projects, especially ones involving literature created around a culture.  We can talk all day about what the 20 of us think about the book, but we're just one group of people living in one place with one set of experiences. When we open our classroom to others, we're exposed to perspectives we may not have ever encountered otherwise.

a. Reading "The Good Earth" with students in a classroom in China and creating a multimedia response project.

b. Toward the end of the second semester after testing is complete.

c.  Skype, Google Docs, Prezi

d. Students will be in partner pairs with students in China, and will spend 2-3 classroom sessions Skyping responses to questions they created prior to the Skype session using Google Docs.  The Skype sessions will be recorded.  Students will then clip segments of the "interviews" and format them using Prezi into a video that highlights the most meaningful parts of their discussions.

e.  A friend of mine will be teaching abroad in China starting in September, and I'm crossing my fingers that he has the technology in his classroom to make this a reality!

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