Friday, August 3, 2012

Tool #6

I decided to use Twitter because, chances are, most of my students have already been exposed to it.  There have been countless times I've come across articles or websites that I would love to share with my students, but just don't have room for it in the lesson plan.  This is the perfect solution!  I can tweet out the hyperlink, pose a question, and have them send in responses.  I can also tweet out reminders about upcoming assignments or projects.

The second tool I chose was Today's Meet.  Class discussions are an important part of reading and understanding literature, and this is a great way to bring technology into it.  Using Today's Meet, the discussion is "on paper"-- it makes it easy for me to grade participation, and it benefits the student because 1) they can also see how their participation was graded, and 2) participating in a class discussion online may be less intimidating for my more introverted students. Because Today's Meet can be accessed at home, parents can see exactly what happened in today's class.

I can't wait to use these in my teaching!

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