Friday, August 3, 2012

Tool #5

I already bookmarked this page of the 11 Tools assignment-- I can't wait to try out all of them!  I'm pretty familiar with Prezi, Glogster, and Animoto, so I chose to use a word cloud generator (Wordle) and Storybird.  I could use both in my classroom for different purposes.

First, word cloud generators are used to show words that appear more frequently in a piece of text.  I chose Robert Frost's "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening."  Because the word "woods" appears most in the poem, it is shown largest.  This tool could be used alongside a poetry lesson on repetition and the effect it has on a poem.  Students also have the option of choosing fonts and colors that reflect the poem's tone and mood. Unfortunately, the HTML to embed Wordle is not functioning correctly at this time, but this is the link to the image:

Next, I created a (very) short story using Storybird.  This tool could be useful in teaching writing when students create their own short stories.  It was actually pretty challenging because hardly any of the pictures matched each other, so it would require a great deal of critical thinking to create a plot around a series of non-matching illustrations. I think this would be a good extension or extra credit activity.

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