Friday, August 3, 2012

Tool #4

I'm so excited about using Google docs at Spring Oaks!  The Google Docs video ends with, "And Linda was excited about being an editor instead of a document master." That's how I feel about teaching writing!  I love doing it, but at my past school, I had to spend so much time and effort sorting through various documents and then grading (by hand). Not anymore! I think that using Google Docs will eliminate much of the stress that comes from teaching writing, and now I can focus more on the fun (and important) stuff.

I can definitely use Google Apps with my team and within my classroom.  I'm sure my team and I will use Docs to create and manage tests and other worksheets, and that we can collaborate using Forms to make online tests and quizzes. I can use Blogger in the classroom as students respond to questions from a class novel or reflect on a lengthy writing assignment.  The Scholar app that searches scholarly papers and articles will be helpful for my students working on research papers, and the Books app can search the full text of books-- perfect for finding particular quotes from literature we've read.  The possibilities are endless!

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