Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tool #3

YouTube and NPR were the hosting/streaming sites I found most useful for my content.  NPR is very user-friendly (and has content most closely related to literature/English), and YouTube is so familiar to both teachers and students that it's kind of second nature to navigate.

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This video was created by high school students in the Greater Houston area to discourage students from bullying.  My students last year loved watching it, and it helped perpetuate a classroom atmosphere of respect and tolerance.

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This video is a rap based on F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby.  We read a few chapters from the novel last year, and my students loved this well-written song based on the novel.  I take any opportunity I can to get my kids interested, laughing, or excited about content.

I learned a lot about copyright and fair use.  I learned that so much of copyright/fair use laws depend on the context in which the material is used.  If the material is repurposed or value is added, it's fair game.  Also, permission or paying a license fee is required to be able to use copyrighted material.  I will be careful when I create and distribute materials and other resources!

I could use the Dropbox tool for a variety of purposes in my classroom.  I could upload classroom worksheets and extra practice materials to Dropbox for student/parent access, which could help greatly with absent and make-up work.  I could also use Dropbox to collaborate with teammates and administrators and share files without clogging our email boxes.  It's a great resource!

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